söndag 3 februari 2013

Hourly Comic 2013

Righto, hourly comic! I was pleased to be able to participate this year - and I almost made it without breaking the rules... I fell behind on the inking a couple of hours due to food shopping/cooking, and because I kept falling asleep I had to finish the very last panel the morning after. -_- But still, I think that's probably an acceptable amount of cheating.
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After finishing I realized this comic has several things in common with the one by Lucy Knisley that I linked in the last post (playing with my cats, the Sherlock mention...). This was unintentional, but funny none the less. ^^

Other people participated as well:
TenCentTicker Forum: Hourly Comic Day 2013
Stef Gaines
Tinet Elmgren
Update: Henri Gylander, Lucy Knisley.
2nd update: Hanna K
Did you make one? Post a link in the comments, I wanna read mooore!

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