lördag 14 mars 2009

What's all this then

So, I made a guest strip for Anders Loves Maria by lovely lady Rene Engström! I'm so very proud that she let me. <3
Aaand what actually happens when you make a guest strip for a famous, awesome webcomic, is this: you get a landslide of new visitors coming here who might have trouble understanding Swedish. Some of you may have tried using a translating tool, which is good for a laugh or two. But I'd better post this in English just the same. Welcome!

I make a comic called Ink, here's a sample page from issue 1:

Ink is only available in a fanzine though and I don't make any web comics, or should I say not yet...! I have plans for the future, oh yes.
But here's some other stuff in English from earlier posts.

Last week I promised a teaser from the coming issue of Ink. Here's a little something to make good on that...

(Senaste info! Ink#1 finns snart i nytryck - hör av er om ni vill beställa ett ex. #3 kommer att heta "Krossade semlor" och blir klar i tid till SPX i Stockholm. Japp.)

Now I've got serious work to do. Well, heh, getting aquainted with my beautiful new pen tablet is serious to me.
På återseende!

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